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Our cover story in issue 4 highlights developments at Hutchison Ports terminals in Thailand and Pakistan. The exciting news is that both terminals will lead the way for the Group by introducing state-of-the-art equipment and technology, which will be rolled out throughout the global network.

In other stories we look at how some Intra Asia ports are encountering congestion problems, we find out why this is happening and what the potential solutions are. Empty containers cost the shipping industry billions of dollars each year, but now through new predictive technology and physical systems at ports – help is at hand to stem the losses.

Constantly in the news, cyber-attacks on shipping continue, we talk to Hutchison Ports in-house experts about the new cyber recovery programme, which aims to protect the company’s data from cyber criminals.

The new kid on the block is Synergy, a logistics company launched in Spain, continuing Hutchison Ports drive into the hinterland, offering a wide range of logistics services across Southern Europe. We speak to the senior executives about what makes the company different and future plans.


In this latest edition, you will read about our efforts in rolling out remote-control quay cranes and rubber-tyred gantry cranes in our Asian ports to support growth in volumes. We believe it will provide many benefits and advantages in terms of reliability, safety and operational efficiency...

New ports bring vision to life

New flagship terminals opening in Thailand and Pakistan will provide the template for the future of Hutchison Ports worldwide operations. New technology, remote control equipment and streamlined operations will transform terminal operations at the hub ports and beyond...

Growing pains hit Intra Asia port productivity

Some ports serving Intra-Asia trades have become victims of their own success as growing volumes have led to congestion and delays. The Intra-Asia market is forecast...

New vision to tackle empty container challenge

One of the major recurring costs for shipping is finding and repositioning empty containers. The problem has been exacerbated by more complex supply chains and the increased containerisation of traditional bulk cargo...

Hutchison Ports rolls out cyber-security recovery programme

Following a number of unprecedented cyber-attacks on the shipping sector during the last few years, Hutchison Ports has introduced its own Cyber Security Recovery Programme, to improve the group’s overall readiness and protection from cybercrimes...

Synergy to extend intermodal and logistics services throughout Spain

Synergy, a new brand launched by Hutchison Ports was first announced in Barcelona at the International Logistics & Maintenance Exhibition in June this year. The new company will build an integrated intermodal and logistics service connecting BEST terminal in Barcelona to all major cities in Spain and Southern Europe...

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