News Release

8th September 2017

US$450 Million invested on the New Port of Veracruz

With an investment estimated on 450 million US dollars, the first stage of the Specialized Container Terminal (TEC) along with the a 75% advance , the New Port of Veracruz has become a reality, as it was informed by Mr. Jorge Magno Lecona , Executive Director of Hutchison Ports.The directive , in presence of Mr. Ramón Poo Gil , major of Veracruz, as well as distinguished authorities and company members, stated that phase 1 of the project will be inaugurated on June 30th , 2018; It will have state of the art technology and spaces to perform maneuvers required by big-sized vessels carrying containers.

“Hutchison Ports is at the cutting edge of technological advances in portindustry, with state of the art solutions that contribute to achieve a greaterefficiency in every aspect of its operations.” As expressed by the Directive.

“Such is the case of nGen , our modular platform for terminal management, which optimizes and controls all port operations, including vessel and esplanade planning, gate operations, vessel and interaction operations, yard configuration and performance, global operation monitoring, use of equipement, productivity andexpense optimization. “ He added.

The 2 new dock cranes will arrive next May 2018, they will have the proper technology to operate remotely. Civil works for remote operation will be performed once the second phase of the project starts, yet the cranes will be fully equipped and ready with all the necessary hardware.

Phase 1 will cover an total Surface of 41 hectares; with a container capacity of 1.8 million TEUS per year; a mooring length of 700 meters, 7 dock cranes and 15 meters of depth.

Once phase one is concluded, the 2 phase will begin construction and it will have a 73 hectare Surface, a 2.1 million TEUS capacity, a dock length of 1,050 meters, 3 dockings positions and 12 dock cranes to tend vessels.

Likewise, the clients will be especially favored by the relocation, due to the optimization of all the port maneuvers in Veracruz, resulting in more efficient movement operations.

The modern port infrastructure will bring countless benefits to Veracruz, such as the generation o employment during the construction of the facilities and the sustenance of more than a thousand Mexican families that currently work at ICAVE.

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