News Release

1st April 2014

BEST Receives New Shuttle Carriers


Barcelona Europe South Terminal (BEST), a member of Hutchison Port Holdings Limited (HPH), took delivery of six shuttle carriers on March 21 for its semi-automated terminal in the Port of Barcelona, bringing its fleet to 26. These diesel hydraulic shuttles are one-over-one models and have a lifting capacity of 50 tonnes.

Since its official opening in September 2012, BEST’s performance has been appraised in line with the highest standards: it has achieved a Vessel Operating Rate of more than 220 moves per hour and a sustained annual average Gross Quay Crane Rate of over 38 moves per hour, one of the highest in Europe.

BEST currently has eight super post-Panamax quay cranes, 36 automatic stacking cranes (ASCs) and 26 shuttle carriers operating along a 1,000 metres berth with a draft of 16.5 metres. It deploys the HPH in-house developed Next Generation Terminal Management System (nGen).

The next phase of the terminal’s development, which is scheduled to be fully operational in less than a year, will increase equipment numbers to 11 super post-Panamax quay cranes and 54 ASCs with a 1,500 metres berth and a draft of 16.5 metres.

Commenting on the latest development Guillermo Belcastro, General Manager of BEST said “This expansion is deigned to extend the current successful semi-automatic operations, being the only port in the region with five deep-sea berths having all of the quay cranes capable to service ultra-large container vessels.

The terminal has one of the most modern entry/exit gate complexesin Europe and one of the largest rail terminals at a container port with an eight-track railway facility with mixed gauge (Iberian and UIC), connecting BEST daily to many different destinations in Spain and Southern Europe.

Barcelona Europe South Terminal (BEST) is the first semi-automated terminal in the HPH Group and the most technologically advanced port development project in Spain.