News Release

10th October 2002

Compensation Land Earmarked for Bathside Bay Development


As part of its plans to develop a modern container terminal at Bathside Bay, Hutchison Ports (UK) Limited, owner of Harwich International Port, is proposing to create compensatory intertidal mudflat through alterations to the positions of sea walls. This habitat creation will redress the predicted environmental impact on habitats and birds due to the intended port development.

An environmental appraisal and survey of suitable land, particularly around Hamford Water in Essex, is being undertaken, involving interested parties and liaison with regulatory bodies, to assess the potential effects of the re-alignment proposal.

Bathside Bay adjoins Harwich International Port, and is being developed as a new container facility within the Harwich Haven ports area, which already includes the UK’s largest container port at Felixstowe. When complete, the Bathside Bay terminal will boast 1,400 metres of quay and provide 500 new jobs at the port, plus many more in associated industries.