News Release

23rd April 2001



A new Harwich International Port and East Anglia record was achieved when the port loaded a bulk grain export shipment of 27,112 tonnes on the mv ‘Leaderman’ between the 19th-24th February 2001.

The vessel arrived late evening on Monday 19th February and work started in earnest at 06.00 hrs the next morning with the port operating sixteen (16) hour days until completion.

The vessel’s six (6) holds were filled with a combination of three (3) types of wheat – made up of deliveries from road vehicles and produce stored in the port’s ¢G1 million Grain Terminal. This facility was built for Anglia Bulk Terminal almost two (2) years ago as part of a long-term agreement and can hold approximately 20,000 tonnes of product.

The working of the vessel was helped by the extremely good weather enjoyed at Harwich until the vessel sailing at 21.00 hrs on Saturday 24th February for a destination in Italy.

Harwich International Port is perfectly placed to attract ever-increasing tonnages due to the grain fields of East Anglia being situated right on its doorstep.