News Release

3rd November 2000

Harmonious labor relations at JICT


PT Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) and PT JICT Labor Union (Serikat Pekerja PT Jakarta International Container Terminal) are pleased to announce that they have agreed to exchange Letters of Commitment to mark the harmonious labor relations that have been achieved in recent months.

Simon Moore, President Director of JICT, said that “Over recent months a great deal of effort has been made to develop, improve and maintain labor relations at the Tanjung Prio Port and to resolve outstanding issues. As a result there has been a corresponding increase in productivity at the port. The management of JICT and the Labor Union would like to recognize this success with an appropriate ceremony and an exchange of Letters of Commitment.”

He continued: “This is good news for Indonesia. It demonstrates that it is possible to achieve harmonious labor relations and a win-win scenario in key industries.”

Both parties agree that the above commitment and the exchange of letters represent real progress and they look forward to working together for the good of the port and for the benefit of the people of Indonesia.

Union spokesperson, Irma Chan, commented: “With the agreement that has been reached by both parties, JICT labor union see this is as a positive step for further discussions regarding the status of the employees working in JICT which will be discussed together in the near future.”

She continued by stating that: “The union, together with the rest of the employees are optimistic that the management can work together on the same side to deal with various issues such as the future of the employees and also the future of the company.”