News Release

7th October 2004

HIT Celebrates 100th Day of Outstanding Performance


[07 October 2004 – Hong Kong] – Today Hongkong International Terminals (HIT) celebrated its 100th day of productivity excellence. Reaching a goal set earlier this year, HIT has recorded over 100 days in which the average quay crane productivity surpassed 35 moves an hour.

With an increasing number of containers moving through Hong Kong, it is essential that terminals offer the highest level of customer service. This means providing the fastest, most efficient loading and unloading service possible.

Commenting at a quayside ceremony, Eric Ip, HIT Managing Director said, “We are very pleased to have reached this level of productivity. As container ships grow in size, so does the demand for speedy service to keep turnaround times at a minimum. Addressing this challenge, HIT has put much effort into increasing productivity, through improved efficiency and enhanced facilities. Much credit goes to the hard work of HIT staff and contractors who made this achievement possible.”

Mr Ip added, “This achievement is a milestone for HIT, not a destination. We will continue to further enhance our services to provide the reliable, consistent service our customers demand.”