News Release

1st June 2000

HIT Introduces Barge ID to Benefit Fast Growing Barge Traffic


[Hong Kong – 25th May 2000] Container port operator Hongkong International Terminals (HIT) will be the first Hong Kong terminal operator to introduce the Barge Identity Card System (BID) bringing major benefits to the fast growing barge traffic at HIT terminals.

The new BID System will become operational on 1st June 2000. It will bring terminal operations a step further towards automation. With BID System barges will have their Barge Identity Cards scanned when they arrive at HIT terminals. The System then uses bar coding to identify the arriving barges and immediately verifies details with the Barge Registration Centre. This replaces the existing manual verification process.

HIT’s Managing Director Mr. Eric Ip believes the launch of BID will both streamline barge movements and enhance customer service, “The system is not only going to strengthen terminal security but also provide a platform to further develop EDI link between barge operators and HIT.”

Last year, the cargo volumes transported by barges from the Pearl River Delta Region achieved a double-digit growth. HIT alone handled over 459,000 boxes in 1999 and recorded a 19% increase in the first four months of this year. In an average month, HIT handles more than 2,500 barges with a volume of over 38,000 boxes.

“The response from barge operators is positive. We expect to issue over 1,000 Barge Identity Cards prior to the system commencing in June,” added Mr. Ip. “There will be no charge made for the BID card.”

Using similar technology, in 1994, HIT was the first to launch the Tractor Identity Card System (TID) to improve gate operation efficiency and enhance terminal security. With the success of TID, it was subsequently adapted by all Kwai Chung terminal operators and by River Trade Terminal.