News Release

29th April 2003

HIT Unveils Phase II of Customer Plus


[Hong Kong, 29 April 2003] Hongkong International Terminals (HIT) has launched Phase II of its on-line customer service system, Customer Plus. Phase I of this unique internet-based system created a direct, real-time link between HIT and the shipping lines. Phase II of Customer Plus has extended the scope and applicability of this B2B interface to provide all users of the terminal with improved access to terminal information anytime, anywhere.

Enhancements to this centralised system include the migration of the updating functions from the IES (Information Exchange Services) to the Internet. Having these functions online and the ability to instantly update information has given HIT customers greater freedom and flexibility in using the terminals.

Functions from the InfoXpress system have also been incorporated into revamped Customer Plus. The InfoXpress functions allow public users to access general terminal information, as well as specific information including container details, vessel schedule, empty container pick-up and return location

Other welcome additions to Customer Plus include various barge functions. Barge operators are now able to access estimated barge schedules, Barge ID information and other useful resources.

HIT Managing Director, Eric Ip, commented, “Phase II of Customer Plus is part of HIT’s effort to effectively respond to our customers’ changing needs. As a market leader, we will continue to improve our value-added services.”

With the goal to improve efficiency and productivity, Customer Plus has taken HIT’s online services to a whole new level. Later this year the scope of Customer Plus will be further expanded to include tractor functions.