News Release

16th January 2012

Hutchison Port Holdings Provides Enhanced Automated Cargo Security and Asset Monitoring Service


24/7 Monitoring of In-Transit Product Quality and Security Using GPS-Based Intelligence

Hong Kong and Edmonds, WA, USA – January 16, 2012 – Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) unveils StellarTrak™ — an enhanced web-based, on-demand service that will provide HPH’s LoadStar customers with next generation cargo security, monitoring and asset tracking services.

John Meredith, Group Managing Director of HPH, said: “StellarTrak is the latest innovation in HPH’s longstanding commitment to port and cargo security. Cargo theft, spoilage, and smuggling continue to be major concerns for our customers and all supply chain participants. LoadStar (HPH’s cargo security division) has the know-how, and leading edge technology, to make significant improvements to supply chain security and product integrity.”

StellarTrak™ provides LoadStar customers with true, real-time information about their cargo and assets. Simply by logging in to StellarTrak, customers know the precise location of their cargo and assets, as well as the security and environmental status of the products inside. Customers can also subscribe to LoadStar’s monitoring service, and LoadStar will actively provide cargo monitoring and issue processing for them.

Neil Smith, LoadStar CEO adds: “We provide our customers with a service that gives them control of their supply chain, allows them to manage by exception, and provides them with immediate and substantial bottom line benefits. StellarTrak is set-up quickly, at low cost and with no up-front investment required. It’s software-as-a-service, available on a pay-as-you-go basis, and is easy to install and use. All of this is made possible through HPH’s decade of experience using the latest wireless technologies to secure the supply chain around the globe.”

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