News Release

2nd August 2011

Hutchison Port Holdings to operate Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre


The NSW Government announced today that Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) has been appointed operator of the Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre (ILC), which is located 18 kilometres from Port Botany.

Sydney Ports Corporation Chairman, Bryan Smith said that the appointment of HPH, which is also the operator of the new third container terminal at Port Botany, was a major milestone in the intermodal project.

“In terms of logistics and efficiency, it is only natural for a port terminal operator to also operate a key inland facility of this kind—and HPH has the international experience and expertise to do so,” Mr Smith said.

He said that the ILC would be a key element in a network of facilities across Sydney that will provide a more efficient means to transfer containers by train to and from Port Botany, and to allow the efficient repositioning by rail of empty containers for export from regional and rural NSW.

Raymond Law, Managing Director, Australasia and North Asia of HPH, said, “We are proud to be appointed operator of this new Inland Logistics Centre. HPH has extensive experience operating intermodal centres and services across Asia and Europe, including inland container depots and dedicated rail lines. We are confident that the ILC will play an important role in facilitating the expanding operations of Port Botany.”

Speaking of the role that rail will play in the new ILC, Mr Smith said, “The NSW Government is focused on increasing the rail modal share to and from Port Botany. A network of intermodal centres of which Enfield is a major component, is crucial to achieving this goal. This new facility is expected to achieve up to 300,000 Twenty Foot Equivalent Units (TEU) of port related throughput by rail once fully operational.”

Mr Law added, “HPH supports the government’s plan to move more containers via rail, which is set to become an increasingly important mode of cargo transportation in Sydney.”

There are other benefits of using rail as well. Mr Smith pointed out, “Sydney Ports Corporation estimates that the Enfield ILC will reduce truck movements to and from Port Botany by up to 300 movements per day, resulting in an easing of road congestion and a reduction in carbon emissions. By co-locating pack/unpack warehouses on the site will also internalise over 30,000 truck movements per annum. The Enfield ILC will cut carbon dioxide emissions by 1,000 tonnes per annum and reduce the number of kilometres travelled by truck by 6,500,000.

The ILC would provide open access facilities close to the catchment of metropolitan import and export businesses and provide much needed empty container storage capacity for Sydney.”

“According to the 2005 Environmental Assessment a total of 370 direct and 470 indirect jobs will result during construction and 500 direct and 350 indirect jobs during operation,” he said.