News Release

28th July 2017

Hutchison Ports TILH operates simultaneous crossborder services

Hutchison Ports TILH ( Hidalgo’s Intermodal Logistics Terminal) simultaneously operated two cross border services towards the United States, moving a transformer and 45 wind tower sections, adding a total of 2, 784 tons.

Last week , TILH, received a 129 ton transformer , manufactured by WEG, to be delivered in Georgia, U. There is another with similar dimensions waiting to be delivered next June.

Ferrocam, provided the transportation of the transformer from WEG’s factory to TILH, on a specialized platform with multidirectional axis driven by 2 trailers. As a partner, TILH performed the delivery and reception of the truck’s platform.

In order to load the transformer into the train, the piece had to be elevated with hydraulic platforms and slid towards the train’s platform using 2 special rail, then they had to weld the piece to hold it in.

At the same time, the operative management team at TILH, loaded the train with 6 sections of 59 tons for wind towers, belonging to the second unitary train that was sent by BNSF Logisitics , heading to United States. The first shipment went to Pedernal, New Mexico in March; When TILH reactivated the cross border service.

“ With these type of operations, TILH , restates its commitment with clients at the Huehuetoca region in the State of Mexico and it shows it is an strategic logistic terminal that provides simultaneous attention for cross bordering services”, Mentioned Mr. Miguel Angel Yáñez, General Manager at TILH.

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