News Release

27th June 2001

LINE Adds New Features to Transact Link Service


Hong Kong, 27 June 2001: LINE – Logistics Information Network Enterprise Limited – announced that it has added new features to its Transact Link service. One enhancement is an Application Program Interface “data bridge” that will enable subscribers to capture information from electronic documents and download it into their back office system.

The interface allows users to exchange information between different operating systems used by freight forwarders, shippers and suppliers. The feature makes it possible to capture information and transfer it into the users’ own back office system without having to manually re-enter the data. The data can similarly be retrieved and used to generate invoices, shipping orders or trade declaration forms quickly and easily.

The feature reduces errors, time and effort caused by manual re-entry and makes it easier for business partners to exchange documents and information.

The Transact Link data bridge interface supports six types of documentation:

  • Quotation
  • Bill of Lading
  • Purchase Order
  • House Airway Bill
  • Shipping Order
  • Shipping Instruction.

“LINE is very excited about the enhancements that we have made to the Transact Link website,” said Mr. Aaron Mak, Chief Executive Officer of LINE. “We believe that Transact Link enables shippers to access a community of service providers including freight forwarders, carriers, warehouse operators, truckers and so on. Now with Transact Link’s data bridge, our users will find it even easier to convert online data into their back-office systems.”

Transact Link is an Internet-based trading service which enables subscribers to promote their products around the world, exchange documents, negotiate and complete business transactions online.

Transact Link was developed by LINE, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hutchison Port Holdings, and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (TDC). The service is accessible through Transact Link’s own website: or through the TDC portal at .

Another enhancement is Transact Link’s Web2Fax function which allows users to send a fax from their computer directly to their selected logistics supplier. Transact Link’s data inheritance feature means that users can quickly generate a Shipping Order or Shipping Instruction from a Purchase Order and fax this off without having to type the information all over again.

LINE has also added to its list of discount partners to add further value to the Transact Link service. Members can now save up to HK$30,000 through discounts on telecommunications, insurance, administrative resources and special offers on loan applications.