News Release

4th February 2002

LINE and Reebok announce roll out of global supplier portal


Hong Kong (4 February, 2002): Logistics Information Network Enterprise – LINE and Reebok are pleased to announce the global roll out of their supplier portal following the on-time completion of a pilot program.

LINE’s solution, the Order Visibility Application (OVA), will allow Reebok and other major brands to unlock value in their supply chain by linking manufacturers, logistics service providers and other business partners through a logistics e-hub. OVA is an Internet-based solution featuring exception reporting, automated workflow, alert messaging and other tools that can be customized to deliver the latest in supply chain technology.

Reebok selected LINE to increase purchase order visibility throughout its global supply chain. This will lead to reduced costs, provide better access to information at critical points in the supply chain and improve levels of customer service throughout the organization.

Work is now in progress to link all of Reebok’s footwear and apparel manufacturers around the world, as well as logistics service providers and other business partners, to this new portal. This should greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Reebok’s global supply chain.

LINE partnered with Reebok to design, develop and test the supply centric OVA to specifically meet the needs of the footwear and apparel industry.

“We are very pleased that the pilot program has been completed on time. We are committed to the timely and successful completion of all phases of this broad initiative with Reebok,” said Aaron Mak, CEO of LINE. “Reebok will benefit greatly as we unlock value throughout the supply chain. This value will increase as more suppliers join the portal.”

Reebok Vice-President of MIS and Chief Technology Officer Peter W. Burrows said that the pilot program has gone very smoothly.

“Our partnership with LINE has gotten off to a good start,” said Burrows. “We are pressing on to link all our factories in Asia and then the rest of the world.”

The pilot program incorporated two significant factories in China, including PYE, a subsidiary of the Yue Yuen group and the Kong Tai Shoes Manufacturing Ltd of KTP Holdings Ltd in Hong Kong. Three logistics service providers are now linked to the portal.