News Release

6th September 2001

LINE forms alliance with Yue Yuen


HONG KONG – 6 September 2001: LINE – Logistics Information Network Enterprise today announced an alliance with Yue Yuen Industrial Holdings Limited and its affiliate companies to provide supply-centric collaborative logistics solutions for the electronics and sports footwear industries. In addition to these solutions, the new joint-venture company will act as a Lead Logistics Provider.

As Lead Logistics Provider (LLP), the joint-venture company will manage transportation and logistics providers on behalf of its customers, increasing the efficiency of the logistics flow of products from manufacturer to retail outlets on a global basis.

An additional facet of the service will be providing an integrated and collaborative logistics solution to manufacturers, material and service providers, retailers and brands – connected via an Internet-based platform. This will enable manufacturers to improve efficiency, save on costs and create visibility throughout improved supply chain management .
“The new company will enable its customers to outsource their logistics requirements focusing on their global supply chain operations with their customers, which include the world’s leading footwear brands and retailers. By putting the leading manufacturers and brands together, the new company is well positioned to set the logistics and communication standards for the footwear industry. The scope of the logistics services will expand to cover overseas distribution in the future,” said Aaron Mak, CEO of LINE.

“Yue Yuen is one of the world’s leading contract footwear manufacturers supplying footwear to premium brands; we are very excited to be working with the company in order to provide a world-class logistics service,” added Mr. Mak.

“LINE brings a wealth of experience in building collaborative supply chains,” said Edward Ku, Executive Director of Yue Yuen.

“Our new joint venture will provide one-stop-shop logistics services which satisfy all of our customers’ transportation needs, while improving efficiency, shortening delivery lead times, reducing costs and ultimately improving competitiveness for them.

“We are confident that this new joint venture will bring tangible benefits to all parties,” Mr. Ku said.