News Release

12th December 2005

New Commercial Strategy for PARIS Transport Management Solutions


LINE (UK) Limited has appointed a new commercial team to focus on the re-launch of its unique multi-modal inland container planning system, PARIS. The re-branding of the advanced automated PARIS technology will enable LINE (UK) to present cost saving solutions to Europe’s thriving container transport industry.

The new website has been set up at, which outlines the significant benefits that the PARIS software can bring to a carrier’s inland transport.

PARIS delivers advanced inland load matching technology. In real time, the system automatically optimises the movement of containers across multiple modes of transport – road, rail, barge and coastwise feeder. PARIS increases control and visibility of the transport plan via flexible, user-friendly screens. PARIS enables carriers to reduce empty running, control costs and realise savings of up to 15% on annual transport spend.

David Gledhill, Director of LINE and Chief Operating Officer for Hutchison Ports (UK), explains, “PARIS presents an opportunity for carriers, both short-sea and deep-sea, to realise significant cost savings in their inland transport planning. The benefits range from quantifiable savings such as reduced empty running to the more subtle, but no less critical improvements in efficiency, visibility and customer service. PARIS offers the opportunity to utilise all these advantages, from years of dedicated, focussed innovation, and now with the significant backing of the Hutchison Port Holdings Group.”

Since 2003, MSC (UK) has been using PARIS to manage the UK intermodal distribution for the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), the second largest container shipping line in the world.

David Petchey, Managing Director of MSC (UK), said, “We wanted a comprehensive multi-modal planning solution that would help us manage our increasing inland transport volumes, assist our planners to manage the expectations and offer additional value and benefits to our customers.”

He added, “PARIS was the only transport management system with a multi-modal solution that could integrate all of our transport service options.”

The strategic focus will target recent PARIS functionality advances. These include: customer service management screens, enabling superior delivery and execution capabilities in addition to real-time event communication; and the release of a sophisticated reporting module, complimenting the existing suite of reports available within PARIS. Users have the ability to customise reports to maintain the control and visibility over operations, for asset tracking and audit trails to full management reporting. Business analysis tools have also been further enhanced to provide ‘what if’ scenario visibility.

Ongoing PARIS innovations will ensure that PARIS customers continue to maintain their competitive advantage and ability to respond to tighter pressures within an ever-changing market.