News Release

1st June 2001

Port Initiative Targets Support from Drivers


A new partnership initiative has been launched by the Port of Felixstowe, Suffolk Constabulary and Suffolk Truckwatch to detect stolen goods, illegal items such as drugs, concealed persons or contraband.

Goods Vehicle drivers are being targeted as being key to the success of the initiative and are being provided with a card displaying not only the Crimestoppers phone number 0800 555 111 but also the Suffolk Constabulary Ports Unit number. It is hoped that the cards will be retained and kept in cabs or drivers wallets so that they have an immediate reference to the appropriate telephone numbers where they can report their suspicions.

Suffolk Truckwatch chairman Tony Allen, in supporting the initiative said; “There is always a likelihood that drivers may become aware of information about their load which causes them concern. They will have the option of calling 999, but this card provides them other alternatives including allowing them to remain anonymous through Crimestoppers. Truckwatch members will be only too pleased to see this initiative have some impact.”

Chris Gray, Managing Director for the Port of Felixstowe said; “It is essential we all do everything possible to crack down on crime and we are very pleased to support this initiative.”