News Release

29th October 2003

Thamesport Boosts Storage Capacity


Thamesport (London) Limited is set to enhance its reputation as one of the UK’s leading container ports with the recent improvements to its North Park.

The work to resurface the 27,000 square metre North Park commenced on 16th June 2003, and was completed on 5th August. The Park became fully operational on 11th August. The work involved the regrading of the existing stone surface with 70mm of DBM binder course, which was then finished with a 35mm layer of stone mastic asphalt surface course.

The North Park is now able to provide an empty storage capacity of 3,270 TEUs. The improvements to the Park will be complemented by the delivery of four Kalmar empty-handlers in December. Thamesport will then be able to stack empty containers up to seven high, which would not have been possible on the old surface.

David Gledhill, Chief Operating Officer of Thamesport, said of the Park improvements:

“By removing the empty containers from the automated stacks, we have been able to reduce the stack density at the Port by as much as 17%. This relocation of empty containers will enable us to greatly increase productivity in the stacks for full containers, which is where we need to focus our resources.”

He continued:

“This year, even more customers have recognised the benefits that Thamesport offers, and this considerable investment at the North Park will mean that they can expect even better levels of service and productivity in the future.”

Improvements at Thamesport are not just limited to the infrastructure of the Port itself. In future, Thamesport will boast improved access from the road, with the Highways Agency’s plans to dual a 3.5km section of single carriageway on the A228 leading to the Port, from Elms Roundabout through to Ropers Lane Roundabout. The first phase of this road enhancement work is currently underway, and is intended for completion in December 2004.