News Release

24th November 2000

YICT Achieved a New Operating Record


YICT was proud to announce that it had achieved a new record of operating rate 203.80 mph (last highest record of 158.58 mph on 17th November 2000) for a Evergreen vessel on 24th November,2000! This is the highest record of mainland ports in PRC as well. Details are as follows:

Vessel Name/Voyage: EVER UBERTY / 020E

Total Moves: Discharge = 1445, Loading = 600 (Total 2045 moves), Hatch Cover = 44

QC Deployed: 6 (QC#13-#18)

Operation Commence: 14:00hrs, 23rd November

Operation Complete: 00:15hrs, 24th November (totally 10.25hrs)

Operating Rate: 203.80mph

QC Gross/Nett Rate 35.62mph/35.88mph