News Release

8th January 2013

YICT Achieves 100 Million TEU Milestone in less than Two Decades


Yantian International Container Terminals today handled its 100 millionth TEU, a record it achieved in a mere 18.5 years.
On 8 January 2013, Yantian International Container Terminals (YICT) handled its 100 millionth TEU, a record it achieved in a mere 18.5 years. This milestone follows YICT’s 2007 performance when it became the world’s first container terminal to reach an annual throughput exceeding 10 million TEU. In less than two decades, Yantian Port evolved from a small fishing village into one of the world’s busiest container terminals.

A celebration ceremony held today to mark the achievement was attended by approximately 200 guests from various departments of the Shenzhen Municipality; the Yantian District Government; various port authorities; executives from Hutchison Port Holdings, Yantian Port Group, Hutchison Port Holdings Trust and YICT; and shipping lines and cargo owners.

The accomplishment is testament to the terminal’s success due to the proactive measures it has taken to overcome challenges over the years. Since its establishment in 1994, YICT has facilitated the export-led economic growth of South China by providing world-class container terminal services to the container shipping industry and the export/import community. YICT continually pursues innovation in port development, Customs reforms, multimodal transportation, and technological development.

With the geographical advantages of its natural deep-water berths, its state-of-the-art terminal facilities, efficient clearance procedures, and comprehensive transportation network, YICT has become the preferred port of call for mega-vessels. Every mega-vessel currently in operation (each with a carrying capacity in excess of 10,000 TEU), has called at Yantian.

YICT has always taken an environmentally friendly approach to its infrastructure development and day-to-day business operations. It was one of the first Chinese container terminal operators to deploy electric rubber-tyred gantry cranes (eRTGC) and LNG-powered container tractors. At the moment, YICT has 150 eRTGC and 280 LNG tractors. Over the years, YICT received over 200 distinctions for its impressive performance levels as well as environmental protection, port safety and security, and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

With its operational expertise and service excellence, YICT has facilitated the growth of Shenzhen’s economy and helped the city achieve the largest export volume of any city in China for 19 consecutive years. YICT has also contributed to the city’s position as an important gateway to South China and a key logistic hub within the Asia-Pacific region.