With the pandemic causing disruptions to the supply chain and affecting the movement of people globally, the way we conduct our business has had to adapt.

As a good example, the opening of our new Stockholm terminal was an impressive achievement and exemplifies the spirit of Hutchison Ports. Teams from different geographical locations and business units collaborated in the preparation work and provided real-time support to enable the commissioning of the Stockholm facilities. We were able to tap into the expertise and assistance available within our global network, with a portion of activities carried out off-site both before and during the opening — such as upfront terminal design work, equipment commissioning, yard and vessel planning, and supporting operations of the first vessel live via the use of remote-controlled cameras.

I am also excited by the ongoing trials of our autonomous trucks in Thailand, as the technology provides significant potential benefits, both economically and operationally. If the project progresses as planned, our terminal may be the first to put autonomous trucks into a production environment in our daily operations. Autonomous trucking is part of the identified broader initiatives to harness the benefits of technology to increase efficiency and productivity, vital to the future sustainability of our business.

During this exceptional period, I have witnessed many examples of dedication, determination and persistence amongst our teams. The pandemic has created many challenges globally, but with our resilience and continued efforts to adapt and adjust, I have great confidence for the future of our organisation.


Eric Ip
Group Managing Director
Hutchison Ports