Half a century after welcoming our first ship to our berth on Hong Kong’s waterfront, Hutchison Ports is now a global port investor, developer and operator with a cumulative global throughput of 1.3 billion TEU. To illustrate the point, if you lined up all of those containers end-to-end, they would circle earth nearly two hundred times.

The landmark anniversary needed a party to celebrate the unique achievement. The guest list included the great and the good of business and government.

Special mention was given to staff members who laid the foundations of the company back in the 1970s and onwards, as well as the long service staff members who have worked for the company for more than 30 years.

The other star of the show was Hong Kong, the headquarters of Hutchison Ports; Eric Ip, Group Managing Director of Hutchison Ports paid tribute to the city which is the perfect place to groom talent and provides business opportunities and energy for the company’s remarkable global expansion.

Speaking at the celebratory anniversary cocktail reception he said: “Our story begins here in Hong Kong with a single berth, and Hong Kong remains the key hub for our global operations – our home base for developing talent based here and overseas. Over the last fifty years, we have built a solid foundation and put in place a strong and balanced portfolio that is evenly distributed throughout all regions, creating a portfolio that is resilient, especially in times of volatility. We are extremely proud to have played our part in the growth of Hong Kong as a global trading centre. This is truly a Hong Kong success story.”

CelebratesGraphic_300X300“These achievements would not have been possible without the continued support from our business partners, customers and most importantly the dedication and commitment of our staff. A special tribute to the pioneers of Hutchison Ports, who ventured into the uncharted territories of the port and logistics sector with an entrepreneurial spirit. They have helped build a solid foundation for future growth,” he added.

Guest-of-honour at the event was Mr. Frank Chan, JP, Secretary for Transport and Housing Bureau of the HKSAR Government, who officiated at the ceremony together with the management team of Hutchison Ports. He said, “Today, over 90 per cent of freight volume to and from Hong Kong is transported by sea, demonstrating the vital importance of our maritime industry to Hong Kong’s economy. Hong Kong is the seventh largest merchandise trading entity globally, and the majority of port cargo is transported in containers. Hong Kong is also one of the ten busiest container ports in the world. Hutchison Ports plays a vital role in facilitating Hong Kong as well as global container trade and has contributed to the growth of Hong Kong as a global trading centre.”

As the largest Hong Kong-based ports and logistics company with a workforce of more than 30,000 people worldwide, Hutchison Ports operates in 52 ports across 27 countries and handles 11 per cent of global marine cargo trade, meaning 1 in 9 containers shipped around the world has gone through one of its ports.

Honour guard for long-service staff

The 2019 Annual Dinner with 50th anniversary as the theme of the night started with a march in of over twenty 30-year long-service awardees, a dance performance and singing of a new theme song. Staff from different departments of Hutchison Ports and Hongkong International Terminals (“HIT”) participated in the performances on stage including opening dance, singing by the Hutchison Ports management team, live band and percussion by HIT Engineering team.

All staff shared the joy and gave their birthday blessings to the company. Eric Ip, Group Managing Director of Hutchison Ports, together with senior executive members and department heads attended this annual event.

As part of the Golden Jubilee celebrations, HIT the company’s first business unit, organised the 50th Anniversary Family Day event at its Kwai Tsing terminal site. The event was supported by various community organisations and internal departments. Over 5,000 guests attended, including local staff and their families as well as external contractors. They enjoyed performances from magicians, singers, dancers and educational game booths for children.