Hutchison Ports Rebranding… more than a change of sign.


On 24 September 2016, a rebranding exercise was launched in the presence of Hutchison Ports executives from around the world witnessing the revelation of a new brand identity – Hutchison Ports, formerly known HPH, as the world’s leading port network, with over 30,000 employees and operating 48 ports and in 25 countries.

Rebranding Hutchison logo timeline

“The rebranding, mainly driven as an internal exercise, aims to give a clear message across on the company on its corporate values best summarised in an acronym UNITY and includes a new logo to better reflect the company’s position in a rapidly changing world of ports and logistics,” said Eric Ip, Group Managing Director.

“The new brand will make us more recognisable everywhere as a group, and enhance our reputation for leadership globally. It underlines the group’s long-established commitment to operate as a truly global network and deliver the highest standards of service to its customers and partners.”

The logo shows the meeting point of sea and sky with an upward angle to signify growth, innovation and ambition – those things that keep Hutchison Ports at the forefront. The horizon is the meeting point – the coming together of people, partners, knowledge, experience and expertise in one world-class network.

The rebranding was also a chance for us to restate the values that have long underpinned how we operate,” said Ip. The Hutchison Ports organisation uses the acronym ‘UNITY’ to mark the five values that set it apart from its competitors.

UNITY stands for Unrivalled standards; Network strength; Informed decisions; Trusted and honest; and Your partners. UNITY makes Hutchison Ports the world’s leading port network.

The rebranding did not dilute the already well-developed local brand. “In fact, to a certain extent, the rebranding brought an even more solid brand image to our network and strengthened the corporate brand globally. We now share the same symbol and it is well-recognised by our network, partners, clients and the industry,” said Ip.

Rebranding UNITY