New Horizons for Hutchison Ports Through Joint Venture with TMA Logistics


Hutchison Ports’ new joint venture with TMA Logistics will offer a mixture of services initially within the Netherlands, the UK, Scandinavia & Baltic countries.

In the longer term there are plans to extend services from Amsterdam and Northern Europe into Southern and Central Europe utilising barge operations, rail freight and last-mile trucking.

The new JV will provide a broad range of services including warehousing, customs, stevedoring, commodities, cargo checking, and barge operations.

“In order to reduce the CO2 emissions and carbon footprint for cargo shipments, TMA Logistics is working more with customers to leverage Europe’s extensive canal network and railways.”

“The partnership will be based on a platform where we can leverage both the terminal and our logistics network and operations across Europe,” said Gerben Matroos, Managing Director of TMA Logistics.

One of the key strengths of TMA Logistics’ is its operation from the Hutchison Ports’ terminal located in Amsterdam, which is a multipurpose terminal.

“We have the flexibility to handle all kinds of cargo including Project, breakbulk and containers and containers will be one of the main areas for development. Of course, with our global network of ports, many carriers have an existing relationship with Hutchison Ports and now they are interested in the services we can provide at Hutchison Ports Amsterdam.”

“The terminal will offer more dynamic operations following the joint-venture agreement with Hutchison Ports, it is expected to see more cargo-handling activities and a significant increase in volume during the next year, a mutually beneficial position,” said Matroos.

One plan is to connect the terminal to Southern Europe via rail to reduce the reliance on trucking. This is in response to the European Union and the Government of the Netherlands both looking to reduce CO2 emissions and carbon footprints.

“We are hoping to use trucking for the final leg of delivery at local level, reducing congestion on the roads and emissions. By putting cargo on barges or ships for short-sea sailings and on the railway we will support environmental improvement initiatives in Europe” said Matroos.

Companies across Europe are working to comply with rules laid out in The Paris Agreement, which within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is dealing with greenhouse gas emissions mitigation, adaptation and finance starting in 2020.

The two companies complement each other in many ways, explained Matroos, “Hutchison Ports operates container terminals and handles millions of containers, while we at TMA Logistics are interested in what is inside the box, the actual cargo. We can then help the shipper, by utilising our warehousing, distribution networks as well as transportation solutions to deliver one-stop services.”

Currently TMA Logistics handles products that range mainly from seed potatoes, steel, plastics, solar panels and starch.

“We have a very large global client database in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America with a broad range of products. And now through Hutchison Ports’ global network of ports it provides us with even more opportunities to grow the logistics business throughout the supply chain.”

“We will be working closely with Hutchison Ports logistics businesses around the world to collaborate with them to develop in-country networks and to extend capabilities beyond the port network,” concluded Matroos.