Synergy to extend intermodal and logistics services throughout Spain


Synergy, a new brand launched by Hutchison Ports was first announced in Barcelona at the International Logistics & Maintenance Exhibition in June this year. The new company will build an integrated intermodal and logistics service connecting BEST terminal in Barcelona to all major cities in Spain and Southern Europe.

The Synergy brand was launched to reinforce the objective of developing BEST’s hinterland, focusing not only on shipping lines but also on freight forwarders and shippers, according Guillermo Belcastro, CEO of Hutchison Ports BEST.

BEST is located in a unique logistics node in the Mediterranean where the port, logistics activities, the airport and distribution centres are in the same area which allows it to generate many alternatives to develop logistics solutions.

MOVE_300x300_2“For several years we have been working in BEST to expand the port of Barcelona’s hinterland; with that objective in mind, we have not only invested in Noain terminal in northern Spain and Zaragoza terminal in the centre of the peninsula, but we have also developed rail services creating new corridors and logistics solutions that add value to the market,” he said.

The new company will provide complementary services to Hutchison Logistics which has a network of operations and services across Europe. Synergy primarily will act as a provider of land transport and rail terminal services for Hutchison Logistics.

Synergy has been developed to enhance traditional logistics services by offering bespoke solutions that provide maximum flexibility to customers. “Both BEST and Synergy are members of Hutchison Ports business and their mission is to foster loyalty so that goods pass through Hutchison Ports’ facilities generating a unique offer to the market,” said Ignasi Pinart, General Manager of Synergy.

Defining the differences, Pinart explained that Synergy is a 3PL with shipping lines, freight forwarders and shippers as customers. Hutchison Logistics by comparison is a 4PL, light in assets, its customers are exclusively shippers. The company provides a range of services including logistics operations, freight forwarding, port and customs services and land transportation.

“Although Synergy works independently, the service is in collaboration with Hutchison Ports and Hutchison Logistics to foster traffic loyalty; leveraging the Hutchison Ports’ network to create and develop new volume for the group,” said Pinart.

There are complex international services and connections with France and Europe from BEST and shipping lines are looking to unify processes for stock management and customs.

“As a result, carriers are changing their approach to focus on a region rather than a country, which will help generate cross-border traffic between Spain and Southern Europe,” added Mr. Belcastro.

“Synergy is a neutral provider; we do not belong to a shipping company such as APMT railway (Maersk) or Medway (MSC). We offer services which aim to combine efforts to create synergies with collaborators. We create new services together which add value to their current services and help our clients to differentiate themselves and gain competitiveness through us.”

“Synergy’s services follow the values of the brand; with a strong commitment to the environment, transparency and neutrality, we are proactive in the search for new logistics solutions through innovation and collaboration with our customers, “said Pinart.

Synergy intends to change the traditional customer-supplier relationship in transport with a relationship based on trust and the search for differentiation and creation of synergies that enable the development of new traffic and client loyalty.

The launch of Synergy, is part of the strategy to extend Hutchison Ports reach beyond the container terminal, creating logistics networks inland. Last year the company entered into a joint venture with TMA Logistics in Amsterdam, providing a comprehensive range of services for customers to access networks across Europe.