The focus towards a more sustainable future has gathered pace globally for all good reasons. In recent years, financial investors are increasingly looking for insights into company sustainability credentials and ratings when providing financing. The accelerated drive towards sustainability and its inclusion into good corporate governance will affect how shipping and port industries are going to operate.

Like many other companies, Hutchison Ports has made efforts on the sustainability front. Our sustainability strategy and actions address the risks posed by an evolving social, environmental and regulatory landscape. We have developed our own sustainable blueprint throughout our network of ports. This blueprint provides us with a framework to achieve greener terminal operations and to continue to look for ways to improve along this path.

For instance, apart from using more hybrid equipment to reduce emissions, we have been able to make a breakthrough in some of the operational challenges in the use of autonomous trucking at our terminal in Thailand. The application of these eco-friendly electric-powered autonomous trucks into a terminal environment is an excellent example of the capabilities that we possess to help drive us to further develop sustainable operations into the future, as well as the effort we have made to make a difference.

But navigating changing climates and continuing to make advances in sustainability efforts present a significant challenge to many companies, including ourselves. Making further breakthroughs to reach our sustainability goals will still require new initiatives, time and investment, and it will not be a simple path. At the moment, our development team is also exploring the application of alternative sources of energy, such as hydrogen to power our equipment fleet.

Global terminal operators are a significant part of international trade and the global supply chain, and have the responsibility to make a difference. For us at Hutchison Ports, some of our efforts have taken shape. We are exploring and experimenting with new technologies to make an impact, so that we can keep this momentum to support a sustainable future for the maritime sector.


Eric Ip
Group Managing Director
Hutchison Ports