UNITY is the foundation of our success

The rebranding of Hutchison Ports has its foundations in the company’s unity of thought and purpose which has provided the platform for our success.

Part of the rebranding process is to better communicate our core values to our customers, colleagues and the shipping community worldwide. OPPORTUNITY, our new in-house magazine, provides us with a new communications tool, to not only highlight our own developments and news, but also provide a platform for opinions from shipping and logistics industry leaders.

In recent years, we have aligned the business to harness our strengths from the yard to the boardroom.

As part of this rationalisation and productivity drive we are now a leaner organisation very much focused on our cost-based activities. We have also improved our communications and contact between corporate level executives and our General Managers around the world.

Our General Manager Programme has been a pivotal part of the realignment, where we have moved the focus from business unit level financial responsibility to include operational management and oversight. The programme enables our General Managers to understand and develop strategic alignment to the company’s core values to prepare them for senior management level positions. Many of our current division heads have all followed this career path.

My goal is to provide the company with a clear pathway to corporate unity, for all managers to lead by example and understand every aspect of our business. To support this objective, I have been travelling to many of our ports and speaking with managers about our strategy for the future and to emphasise our strengths and values.

Our real strengths are that we have a robust corporate culture with long serving managers providing the continuity and experience which provide our customers with peace of mind that their ships and cargo are in good hands.

Our stability and reliability has engendered long-term support from the world’s leading carriers, highlighted during the recent major shifts in the alliance structure, as the changes did not adversely affect us. For the future, we see opportunities to further develop our global network of ports notably in Latin America, the Middle East and South Asia and we also want to expand our landside capabilities to provide upstream logistics services for our customers.


Eric Ip
Group Managing Director
Hutchison Ports