UNITY is what we stand for and it sums up our values as a network. It is the word that best describes who we are, how we operate and why we are the industry leaders.

Unrivalled Standards

Setting new standards, innovating constantly, going beyond expectations, providing the best service and value for all our partners and customers.


Network Strength

Working together as one team, with a shared ambition to keep making our network better, showing respect and support for each other.

Informed Decisions

Seeing the big picture, and the small details, furthering our knowledge and understanding of our industry and the world, with the future in mind.

Trusted and Honest

Approaching business professionally, ethically and honestly. Understanding our place in the world, and taking responsibility for our actions and decisions.

Your Partners

Focusing on our customers, tailoring solutions to their precise needs. Forming and maintaining strong partnerships with customers and employees.

Why Hutchison ports?


As the world's leading port network, we’ve been leading the way for decades, delivering best on what matters most to all our customers, partners and employees.


We are an EXPERIENCED international ports operator

We SET THE STANDARDS for our industry

We are a TRUE GLOBAL NETWORK of ports

Our SUCCESS IS PROVEN through generations and continents

We focus on the FUTURE, not just the present

We offer CUSTOMISED SERVICE, not one-size-fits-all

We develop long-term PARTNERSHIPS

We build TRUST wherever we operate


one single technology platform control port operations in our global network. It was designed and created by Hutchison Ports.