Efficiency Through Innovation

Hutchison Ports stands at the forefront of technological advancement in the ports industry. Through continuous investment, we’ve developed cutting-edge solutions that contribute to greater efficiency across every aspect of our operations. To stay ahead, we will continue to innovate, and use cutting-edge technologies and equipment that satisfy the needs of our customers.


nGen Our terminal management platform

nGen is our own modular terminal-management platform, which controls and optimises all port operations including ship and yard planning, gate operations, vessel operations and interactions, yard configuration and performance, overall operations monitoring, equipment utilisation, productivity and cost optimisation.

nGen, built by Hutchison Ports, surpasses any commercially available terminal-management system. It is truly scalable across all non-proprietary computer system hardware, from a small feeder terminal operation to large hub ports.

nGen is currently managing over 50% of our throughput.




Our in-house simulation is an extremely powerful tool for designing our terminals. Using 3D animation, we can simulate different operational scenarios – based on four key areas: berth, yard, gate and traffic. By comparing performance indicators and resource-utilisation, we can find the ideal terminal design and equipment levels before committing investments. Emulation is also developed for testing and tuning of new nGen implementation.


Hutchison Ports has a proven history of running automated terminals. Our in-house equipment control system at Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (formerly known as Europe Container Terminals) instructs and runs more than 400 automated vehicles and cranes simultaneously with the built-in optimized scheduler and equipment interfaces.


Continuous, fast and reliable gate operations are possible through gate automation. These systems integrate advanced technologies such as Optical Characters Recognition (OCR), License Plate Recognition (LPR) and CCTV.  Self-service kiosks installed on every gate lane allow truck drivers to find out the location of the container and driver photos are also captured by high definition cameras for security purposes.


To enhance the flow of goods and efficient payment methods , some of our terminals use an Electronic Payment Service, allowing customers to settle bills via an ATM, a ‘clickpay’ service on the bank’s website, or a debit card service. The electronic payment system is integrated with the terminal’s auto gate system to further streamline payment procedures.


Some of our ports use our own online e-tracking service, which updates vessel and gate schedules and tracks container shipments. Shipment tracking allows port users to plan movements for export and import shipments well in advance of a vessel’s arrival. It also updates on the status of container shipments, enabling them to report on the product as it travels to customers. This new service is in line with the company’s commitment to continuously improve business processes and enhance electronic information services.