Hutchison Ports announced the release of the first Sustainability Report for the year ended 2020. The report focuses on the environmental, social and governance issues that have the ability to impact and influence the group’s daily business. The first groupwide environmental strategy ‘Our Environment 2020’ was launched last year and marked the company’s first combined effort in framing environmental targets, uniting 52 Business Units worldwide.

This year the group has launched the ‘Our Sustainable Future’ programme designed to address the risks posed by a changing climate and an evolving social and regulatory landscape.

The programme is centred on three pillars: Our Environment, Our People and Our Business. Under ‘Our Environment’ the focus will be on Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Waste Reduction, ‘Our People’ will look at Health, Wellbeing, People Development and Community Engagement, while ‘Our Business’ is committed to Supplier Transparency.

Hutchison Ports’ vision is to be ‘the preferred partner for a sustainable supply chain.’ This vision is focused on working in collaboration with colleagues, customers, suppliers and contractors and to engage with supply chain partners.

“We are of the view that the issue of sustainable development ranks among the most important challenges and risks facing us”

 Clemence Cheng & Stephen Ashworth, Co-chairs of the Group Sustainability Committee

As part of the newly formed Hutchison Ports’ sustainability programme, six focus areas have been agreed by the Group Sustainability Committee (GSC) for 2021, co-chaired by two executive committee members, Clemence Cheng, Managing Director Europe and Stephen Ashworth, Managing Director South East Asia. The committee is also complemented by members from a variety of functions and regions, who together lead the short-term target management and long-term strategic approach for the group.

Each of the above focus areas is championed by a committee member, ensuring senior management accountability for enabling and ensuring the implementation and delivery of initiatives in each area in the coming year.


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