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Hutchison Ports Venlo

Hutchison Ports Venlo is the prime inland gateway for the Dutch region of Venlo and the industrialised German Rhine Ruhr area. Barge-shuttles and shuttle trains connect Hutchison Ports Venlo with Hutchison Ports ECT terminals and other terminals in Rotterdam and the European hinterland several times a day.

port address

Celsiusweg 30
5928 PR Venlo
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 6 53534994
News Release
7th October 2022

40 years of container handling in Venlo; success through cooperation

On 7 October, the inland terminal Hutchison Ports Venlo will celebrate that Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT) opened its first rail terminal in Venlo 40 years ago. That marked the start of the enormous development Venlo went through from 1982 to the logistics center it is today.