24th August 2018


Our cover story in issue 4 highlights developments at Hutchison Ports terminals in Thailand and Pakistan. The exciting news is that both terminals will lead the way for the Group by introducing state-of-the-art equipment and technology, which will be rolled out throughout the global network.

In other stories we look at how some Intra Asia ports are encountering congestion problems, we find out why this is happening and what the potential solutions are. Empty containers cost the shipping industry billions of dollars each year, but now through new predictive technology and physical systems at ports – help is at hand to stem the losses.

Constantly in the news, cyber-attacks on shipping continue, we talk to Hutchison Ports in-house experts about the new cyber recovery programme, which aims to protect the company’s data from cyber criminals.

The new kid on the block is Synergy, a logistics company launched in Spain, continuing Hutchison Ports drive into the hinterland, offering a wide range of logistics services across Southern Europe. We speak to the senior executives about what makes the company different and future plans.

26th April 2018


In this issue of OPPORTUNITY, we will focus on the future of shipping and how technology will play an ever-increasing role in day-to-day operations throughout the supply chain.

What are the potential benefits, challenges and issues’ faced by the shipping industry as Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seemingly approaching into the mainstream to industry 4.0. Blockchain have raised the stakes for disruptive technology to be a major game changer towards global supply chain. We’ll also take a closer look to the advent of automated ships has led to some strong views both for and against within the industry and the impact of oil price rises on shipping.

In addition to the Group’s update, we included HIT’s Container Terminal 9 North launches remote-controlled operations to improve efficiency and an update to Hutchison Ports new partner in Amsterdam with TMA Logistics.


15th December 2017


Welcome to the second issue of OPPORTUNITY, in this edition we look at how the shipping industry is responding to this year’s cyberattacks. We speak to leading experts on how to raise awareness and improve cybersecurity.

We also cover how consolidation in the container shipping sector will impact ports and the supply chain. Also featured, we ask if ports and carriers are ready to embrace new technology in order to improve supply chain efficiency and keep pace with the growth in global trade.

Plus, how we are building a global presence in the hinterland logistics sector by providing warehousing, inland ports, trucking and rail services throughout our global network of ports.

16th June 2017


Welcome to OPPORTUNITY, Hutchison Ports new corporate magazine, in this issue we cover the launch of the ubi app, part of Hutchison Ports’ major initiative to integrate waterside, yard and landside operations. We take a closer look the reasons behind the company’s rebranding as well as new developments in dynamic Middle East and African regions and more analysis and opinion from industry leaders.

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