News Release

27th August 2002

Dapeng Customs Streamlines International Trans-shipment Procedures


With support from Shenzhen Customs, YICT works with Dapeng Customs to launch international trans-shipment procedures on 28 August 2002. This move highlights the efforts that have been made to improve Customs declarations at Yantian port.

YICT and Dapeng Customs have jointly developed the Customs Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Platform. The platform will include the functions of sharing, checking and writing-off international trans-shipment data in real time. In this way, international trans-shipment cargo can be declared under efficient Customs supervision on a come-and-go basis.

According to the reformed procedures, shipping lines are required to provide Customs declarations before cargoes arrive at the terminal. Upon arrival of the trans-shipment cargoes, Customs is able to check and review the physical container information against the pre-declaration data. Within four hours of being unloaded, the trans-shipment cargoes can be reloaded for the ongoing leg of their voyage.

The first batch of users praised Dapeng Customs’ efforts in implementing the new procedures, saying Customs clearance had become a more efficient process that would provide them with greater opportunity to optimise cargo sources and shipping capacity.

Trans-shipment has become a key business function at world-class ports. If the procedure is done efficiently and under effective supervision, it becomes a major benchmark in the assessment and rating of an international container hub.