News Release

15th December 2003

Freeport Container Port Celebrates Annual Throughput of One Million TEU


[15 December 2003 – Freeport, Bahamas] The annual throughput of Freeport Container Port (FCP) reached one million TEU on Sunday, 14 December 2003, the first time since the terminal commenced operations in April 1997.

The milestone in throughput was achieved as a container was discharged from the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) vessel Arizona. MSC is Freeport’s largest customer, using the terminal as its main hub for its American and Caribbean services.

FCP Chief Executive Chris Gray commented on the achievement, “With an annual throughput of 860,000 TEU in 2002, we are very pleased to have exceeded the one million mark this year. This throughput achievement reaffirms our ambitious development plans and firmly establishes Freeport as a major hub for the Americas and Caribbean region.”

With the US$75 million Phase IV Project coming to completion, FCP has new container handling equipment, a deeper navigation channel of -16 metres and an additional stacking area of 13 hectares.