News Release

21st September 2006

HIT Achieves 100 Million TEU Milestone


[21 September 2006 – Hong Kong] Hongkong International Terminals (HIT) handled its 100 million TEU to celebrate another milestone in its 37-year history. This impressive achievement by a single container terminal operator is a world record for Hong Kong’s busiest port.

Celebrations today to mark the achievement were attended by guest of honour, Stephen Ip, Secretary for the Economic Development and Labour Bureau; John Meredith, Group Managing Director of Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) and Eric Ip, Managing Director of HIT, along with over 400 guests.

Speaking on the special occasion, Stephen Ip said, “Today, HPH operates over 250 berths in 43 ports along with a number of transportation related services companies. HIT has been playing an important role in the development of our port and is, indeed, a success story of Hong Kong.”

“I hope Hong Kong, HIT and other port operators will continue to strive for better quality service and capitalise on the tremendous growth potential of the Pearl River Delta region under the 11th Five-year Plan.”

Commenting on HIT’s success, John Meredith said, “HIT’s achievement represents a total commitment from all stakeholders. In terms of container terminal management and operations, HIT operates at the highest standards and we have been able to replicate this at the HPH ports around the world through sharing of best practices and expertise. Our aim is to remain competitive in this fast changing market.”

Eric Ip said, “We take great pride in achieving this record-breaking milestone of 100 million TEU, which reflects the collective wisdom, experience and hard work of all HIT employees over the past 37 years. Together, we have contributed to the making of the history of Hong Kong port.” He further added, “Today’s ceremony signifies the completion of one cycle; at the same time, it also symbolises the beginning of a new page for HIT. The challenges of tomorrow are how we rise above obstacles and open ourselves to new opportunities so that we can continue to excel in this increasingly competitive environment.”