News Release

30th November 2000

HPH’s Portsnportals Rebranded to LINE


These are the latest news stories from HPH offices around the globe.

LINE (Logistics Information Network Enterprise) provides logistics solutions that enable companies to move goods around the world in the simplest and most efficient way. The company was launched in March 2000 as Portsnportals, the e-commerce subsidiary of Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH), and changed its name to LINE in November 2000.

LINE offers every participant in the supply chain access to new levels of efficiency and the opportunity to provide better service to their customers at lower cost by enabling the logistics and transportation market to optimize its processes while retaining control of its own customer and supplier relationships and systems.

LINE has introduced five distinct product categories:

– StreamLINE optimizes the planning, loading and routing of transport

– TradeLINE transforms the way business is done by providing connectivity to an extensive network of logistics chains in one
universal trading community.

– InformationLINE offers a range of services, including online booking, Landed Cost Modeling, Order Visibility Application, Track and Trace, and services to facilitate the sharing of information between ports.

– MarineLINE solutions include the sourcing of parts, supplies and provisions for ports and vessels, with a range of value added applications in the pipeline.

– SolutionLINE will present tailored industry solutions that apply our knowledge and expertise to meet the detailed requirements of specific business sectors.

LINE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH), an independent port investor, developer and operator with operations in 19 ports in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

For more information, please visit the website of LINE at