News Release

2nd September 2018


Hutchison Logistics (HK) Limited (Hutchison Logistics), a member of Hutchison Port Holdings Trust (HPH Trust), yesterday signed a Framework Agreement on the “Southern Transport Corridor – Hong Kong-Chongqing Ocean-Rail Intermodal Logistics Cooperation” with CCI Eurasia Land Bridge Logistics Development Co. Ltd., that supports the Belt and Road Initiative, and aims for all-round co-operation in various fields.

Under the Framework Agreement, the two parties will leverage their specialities in the ports, logistics and shipping sectors for co-developing a diversified range of services, including the building of the Hong Kong-Chongqing Ocean-Rail Intermodal Corridor and the Hong Kong International Cargo Distribution Centre; promoting the establishment of Chongqing’s inland dry port; encouraging cooperation between Hong Kong and Chongqing in trade and logistics; and exploring other innovative business opportunities.

Mr Gerry Yim, Chief Executive Officer of HPH Trust, said at the signing ceremony, “Chongqing is a major industrial town in the western part of the country. As the economic development of the country is taking off, there is high demand for commerce, trade and logistics services. Hutchison Logistics and Hongkong International Terminals (HIT), COSCO-HIT Terminals and Asian Container Terminals, under HPH Trust, collectively will provide a convenient seabound gateway and cargo distribution centre for cargo owners in the western region of the country. This cooperation brings forth the strength of both parties, and allows other logistics chain participants to experience a highly efficient one-stop shop service, while reducing inland logistics cost to all parties.”

Mr Liu Guiping, Vice Mayor of Chongqing stated, “HPH Trust demonstrates its unparalleled strengths, and plays a pivotal and leading role in the development of Hong Kong Port and logistics areas. Chongqing is the only municipality in the western part of the country, a national central city, and an important strategic anchor point in the ‘Western Development Strategy’. It has the special locational advantage of being the point of connection of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Yangtze River Economic Belt.”

He continued, “Through the Framework Agreement between the CCI Eurasia Land Bridge Logistics Development Co. Ltd. and Hutchison Logistics of HPH Trust, we will establish the “Southern Transport Corridor” – Hong Kong-Chongqing Ocean-Rail Intermodal Corridor that fully supports the Belt and Road Initiative and serves as a pragmatic measure for the development of the inland open highland. Through connecting inland from Chongqing, and connecting the world through the Hong Kong international shipping hub, the cooperation will reduce logistics costs and increase inter-operability, and thus lead to better land and sea links within China and to the world as well as bilateral interactions between East and West. At the same time, we invite HPH Trust to expand its business in inland areas like Chongqing for developing more multi-field, all-round and in-depth co-operations.”

Hutchison Logistics is a member of the Hutchison Ports network. Through the global port network of Hutchison Ports, Hutchison Logistics has established branch companies and fosters strategic cooperative partnerships in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. The company provides tailor-made one-stop supply chain solutions for customers, including the provision of multimodal transport services in sea, air, road and railway, as well as the provision of terminal ancillary services including barge transport, barge agent, warehousing and customs declaration.

Through the “Southern Transport Corridor” Hong Kong-Chongqing Ocean-Rail Intermodal Corridor, shipments will be transported by rail from Chongqing to the Beibu Gulf Port in Guangxi, then connected to HIT in Hong Kong via the intermodal service provided by Hutchison Logistics, and eventually be exported to Asia, the Americas and Australia. Shippers will be able to gain tremendous savings in time and cost.