News Release

29th April 2003

JMCT Provides Greater Comprehensive Terminal Services


[29 April 2003 – Hong Kong] – Jiangmen International Container Terminals (JMCT) continuously strives to upgrade its service levels by adding increasing value to its terminal services. Customers can now enjoy faster Customs clearance procedures and even more transportation options.

JMCT recently launched a new X-ray container inspection system installed by the Jiangmen Customs. Mr. Alfred Leung, General Manager of Hutchison Delta Ports (HDP), Mr. Wu You-yi, Deputy Director of the Department of Scientific & Technological Development, General Administration of China Customs and Mr. Li Lan-xue, Director of Jiangmen Customs headed the ceremony with the presence of numerous guests from Jiangmen Customs and various manufacturing enterprises. The electronic system eliminates the physical Customs inspection procedure and effectively shortens Customs inspection lead time from one hour to just ten minutes, thereby customers of JMCT can benefit from faster Customs clearance procedures and lower costs.

Further enhancing its terminal service level, a direct express service to Hongkong International Terminals (HIT) has recently been introduced. This is the only non-stop shuttle service to HIT currently serving the Jiangmen Municipality. JMCT also provides a domestic feeder service to Shenzhen ports extending its network coverage.

Mr. Danny Lee, General Manager of JMCT expressed that the terminals are strengthening the connectivity with other terminals in the region to foster trade growth in the Jiangmen Municipality as well as the western Pearl River Delta.