News Release

13th February 2015

New record at ECT: 11,051 containers unloaded and loaded on Thalassa Hellas

This week, the Thalassa Hellas called at the ECT Delta Terminal. During the visit of this vessel of Evergreen Line, ECT handled 11,051 containers (18,500 TEU); a new record. Never before so many containers were handled in Europe during one call. The containers form a line of more than 110 kilometers: about the length of the highway between Rotterdam and Antwerp.

The Thalassa Hellas is 368 meters long, 51 meters wide and has a capacity of 13,806 TEU. During her visit to ECT, 5,215 containers were discharged and 5,836 containers were loaded. The ECT Delta Terminal is the first and only port of call for the Thalassa Hellas in the Le Havre-Hamburg range in northwestern Europe. The previous record was held by the Thalassa Pistis. On this ship 10,557 containers were handled in October last year.

ECT continuously invests in its employees, facilities and systems in order to accommodate the ever-larger vessels as the Thalassa Hellas, the Thalassa Pistis and even bigger vessels.