News Release

22nd November 2004

Thamesport Welcomes Fourth Train Operator


Thamesport (London) Limited is celebrating the introduction of a fourth Train Operating Company, to add to the range of rail services available from one of the UK’s leading container ports. Direct Rail Services (DRS) intends to introduce a full daily service to Daventry from the Medway port, having previously operated an ‘on-demand’ service for key customers only.

This development follows the decision of GB Railfreight to extend their network of services to include Thamesport. GB Railfreight have now commenced a twice-weekly service connecting the Port with the Midlands and North West.

In addition to these new services, Thamesport offers its customers access to two daily services from EWS, comprising a direct service to Widnes, and a multi-destination ‘Enterprise’ service. Freightliner operate three daily services, offering Hams Hall, Manchester, Leeds and Coatbridge (Glasgow).

David Gledhill, Chief Operating Officer of Thamesport, commented:

“Thamesport is possibly the first port in the UK to be able to offer its customers the option of four Train Operating Companies to transport their goods. This increased choice and flexibility significantly enhances Thamesport’s attractiveness to UK importers and exporters, and will ensure that they have a viable logistical alternative to road transport for reaching the UK’s markets.”

He added:

“As one of the UK’s major ports, we are closely involved with wider transport issues, and are keen to support the development of alternative means of carriage for freight. We have seen a 20% increase in the share of freight being transported by rail through Thamesport since last year, and we remain committed to the Government’s aim of reducing the number of vehicles on the UK’s busy road network.”