News Release

31st October 2003

YICT Completes SST Testing Enhancing Security of US-destined Marine Cargo


[31 October 2003, Shenzhen] Today, the first batch of “smart and secure” containers entered Yantian International Container Terminals (YICT) after having passed inspection procedures. This marked the successful completion of the Smart and Secure Tradelanes (SST) testing at YICT. The SST initiative is an industry-driven, supply chain security initiative.

Since the implementation of the Container Security Initiative (CSI) by the US Government, Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) has been a proactive participant in developing appropriate security measures for the marine transport of containers. This has included drawing up container security procedures, accelerating the setting-up of SST infrastructure and fitting-out an automated security network infrastructure including advanced tracking software and automatic identification systems. All these efforts are aimed at enabling participating HPH ports to link up with an information network of other SST ports in the United States and Asia. As a result, a common information platform with real-time data has been established to monitor the whole process of secured shipments.

Mr. Kenneth Tse, Director and General Manager of YICT, remarked after the SST pilot programme: “As one of the most important exporting ports to the United States, it is crucial that YICT implements effective security measures without impeding the smooth flow of cargo. The successful SST testing at YICT has helped improve the security of international trade, securing an important link in the global supply chain. Equally important, by providing shippers and shipping lines with real-time information about container movement, the SST has increased the clearance efficiency for US-destined cargo.”

In addition to the necessary network infrastructure, YICT has installed radio frequency sensors throughout the terminal. By February 2004, YICT plans to upgrade the related computer system, Transportation Security System, to commence a commercial run of the SST programme. This second stage will expand the scope of the SST programme, involving international traders and forwarders of different industries.

Prior to the test, the SST programme was launched in several of HPH ports in Hong Kong and Europe. To date, there have been more than 250 containers shipped from Hongkong International Terminals (HIT) to the US and more than 100 containers from Europe to US under the programme.