29th January 2024


Introducing Hutchison Ports ground-breaking Terminal Operating System, Veronica, which enable us to ‘do more with less.’ We look at the Kingdom’s bold vision for the future of maritime and trade; explore the latest development to the global smart supply chains; and a preview of Hutchison Ports latest sustainability plans for this year.


7th July 2023


In issue 17 we cover a range of sustainability initiatives including the adoption of latest green technology and investment across the Hutchison Ports network to meet net-zero targets; and highlights to new projects in the Middle East and Africa, and Asia.

How is big data the new driving force behind the shipping industry’s goals to reduce emissions. We also look at how seaports influence the sea-land mode to extend their reach to their hinterlands; and a review to the new manufacturing hubs of the future.


22nd December 2022


In this issue we look at Mexico’s rise as a major industrialised trading nation, and the country’s path to become an international shipping and logistics hub.

In shipping’s drive to become emission free, we ask if hydrogen can become the green energy source of choice and take a look at the development of the humble gantry crane which has transformed ports all over the world.

We track the reasons behind the rise of global rail freight volumes and review the latest developments across Hutchison Ports network.

22nd July 2022


In this issue of OPPORTUNITY, we will take you on a journey from Egypt’s ancient maritime past to today’s modern shipping hub.

We look into the group’s community keynote programmes focusing on the environment and community development. A review on how HUD support the city’s first offshore LNG terminal.

Together we explore the importance of supply chain visibility and how blockchain can be the solution to cybersecurity across different platforms.


24th December 2021


In this issue, we look at how Hutchison Ports reduces emissions through its new sustainability strategy and is contributing to slowing down global warming and climate change. There is an overview of the latest developments in green fuels and how innovators adopt ideas from nature to deliver clean drinking water to seafarers and reduce usage of thousands of plastic water bottles. High freight rates sparked a flurry of shipbuilding orders from ship owners caused by surging consumer demand. We also identify the characteristics and advantages to different types of trade zones benefiting world trade.

10th September 2021


This special edition of OPPORTUNITY is dedicated to highlight the group’s commitment to investing in digital solutions on eco-friendly artificial intelligence autonomous technology that can optimise our operational sustainability, safety and performance.

The green autonomous trucks also align with the Group’s sustainability programme, designed to fulfil our pledge to reduce emissions in view of a changing climate and an evolving social and regulatory landscape.

21st May 2021


In this issue we look at the Group’s new terminal in Jazan, Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, our ports in UK, the Port of Felixstowe and Harwich International Port have been included as one of eight new Freeport’s designated by the UK Government, followed by an exciting new 5G project at Felixstowe has also been unveiled.  We shine the spotlight on how HKSPA has built its market leading cold chain service in the fresh produce imports sector into South China and beyond.

We also cover the progress of delivering vaccines worldwide and how the experts sees the global imbalance in containers, which is causing headaches for all players in the industry. We track rail freight between China and Europe which is entering a new era and discover how procurement companies have adapted to major supply chain disruption during the last year.


17th December 2020


As we approach 2021, we are excited to announce the project in Abu Qir, Egypt has been signed, further expanding the Group’s portfolio and to better facilitate its network in Africa and the Middle East.

In other news we look at how digitisation enhances the maritime industry to safeguard its supply chains.

The meteoric rise in ecommerce has put inventory management in the front line as we analyse the impact this phenomenon has had on the warehouse sector.

We also take a look at how the latest communications technology can deliver powerful tools for ports and shipping, enhance weather forecasting and route planning solutions as well as supporting the workforce during the pandemic to work safely and efficiently.

7th August 2020


In this issue of OPPORTUNITY, we take a glimpse into the future of ports, as the ‘thinking’ Q-Trucks are unveiled at Hutchison Ports Thailand Terminal D.

Collaboration, teamwork and determination were the main ingredients in the on-time opening of Hutchison Ports Stockholm during the pandemic, thanks to a global effort. Driving down pollution levels is a primary goal of shipping lines, we look at the clean fuels under review to meet international emission reduction targets.

Put on your ‘cyber armour’, we ask how to protect valuable data, as attacks escalate during the COVID-19 pandemic. A clean, green, sustainable future needs a roadmap, we analyse initiatives from across the supply chain.

29th April 2020


In this edition of OPPORTUNITY, our cover story looks at the challenges facing the maritime industry, its impact on the supply chain and the expected long recovery caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lifting the veil on the virtual world that is defining the ports of the future, we invited the ‘imagineers’ who are combining innovation with operational excellence to build smarter terminals to share their views and experience with us.

Project forwarding handles everything that can’t fit into a box, we speak to the experts that move the world’s largest and heaviest shipments.

Reverse logistics has been overlooked for many years is being embraced by big retail brands and is helping to improve sustainability and reduce waste. We ask if there is any going back on this booming industry sector?

There is also an update on Hutchison Ports new terminal in Stockholm, the GSBN blockchain initiative and a recap of GoGreen activities.

Last but not least, we wish everyone to stay healthy under the pandemic.

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